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I lead a class in Skaneateles that is accessible to all, enabling beginning students, the elderly, and those with physical limitations to move into postures safely and correctly, to receive the benefits while minimizing the risk of strain or injury.

I teach using the Iyengar approach, which incorporates physical props—things like belts, blocks and blankets—to help make postures, or asanas, accessible to all.


The flexibility, strength and balance that we take for granted when young become critical as we age. With a mindful approach, one’s yoga practice can increase these qualities as well as bring a keen self-awareness of bio-mechanics and the integration of bodily functions. We begin to notice where we are tight, which muscles overcompensate for weaker ones, and the ways that our posture is compromised. We learn how breath affects mood, posture, thinking, and we glimpse the quiet light of joy that illumines us all.


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