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What students say about yoga with Dave:


Connects us to parts of our body we did not know were there. It pays off—we move easier through the day.

He not only gets you into various poses but explains each pose and their associated muscles. It is imperative to maintain flexibility. At age 81, yoga does that for me. 

Never having attended a yoga class, I thought yoga was a bad word, until I stepped into Dave’s version on Saturday mornings. Now I am hooked—wouldn’t think of missing it!  Thank you, Dave!

My chiropractor recommended stretching for my lower back issues, and suggested I see Dave. That was 16 years ago and I’m still going. I consider it a family gathering while doing something good for my body.

A kind, patient, thoughtful, dedicated, skilled instructor. Excellent, descriptive communicator with a calming voice. He encourages each of us to do our best while not overdoing it and thereby avoiding injury. Since doing yoga in class and at home my back problems and lower extremity issues have lessened. Yoga has become a lifestyle and something I plan on doing for as long as I can


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8 am Classes

Every Saturday


Pay in person.

$110 Eight week Session or $20 Drop in Class

All Practice levels are welcome!

Yoga mats, belts, blocks and

blankets are all provided.


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