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Good writing is hard to do. I don’t know any good writers who don’t work hard at it.


I have a long list of successful writing credits, from persuasive emails (freeing myself from speeding tickets) to twenty-five years with newspapers, to a book for Syracuse University Press on the university’s wise and colorful former chancellor, Buzz Shaw.


A while back I taught a memoir workshop at the Marcellus Library. Years later I ran into a former student who proudly told me she’d completed the book she’d wanted to leave her family.


“And has it led to good conversations?” I asked.

“Oh YES!”, she said. “They’re learning about things they’d never known about.”


That student did the work it takes, and I can do it for you. Biographies, scripts, bad poems, your ghost-written masterpiece.


My art background and acting experience, the range of eclectic projects I’ve taken on, from sheep farming to mural construction to community organizing to managing a successful political campaign to rejeuvenating an invasive -infested forest, provide a deep well of experience and intuition for me to draw upon in my writing. I love working to understand people and process.


My work has ranged across all kinds of complex topics, from Native American land claims and casinos to prisons and CNY’s defense industry. I reported from Afghanistan in 2008, embedded with the Army National Guard's 27th Infantry Brigade Combat team.


Please browse the book samples and articles in the links below.


I’d be happy to discuss with you your desire for a book about most any subject.

Or even an email that manages to quiet your neighbor’s barking dog.

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